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Information for Coaches

Coaching Policies


This is a reminder that the only people allowed on the ice during practices/games are those players and coaches officially rostered to the team. Having others on the ice invalidates the USA Hockey insurance and puts the head coach at risk for disciplinary action and potential lawsuit should a player be injured. The USA Insurance coverage will not cover you or anyone on the ice, including an injured party if these ruled are not followed. The rule applies to player siblings, coaches other children, friends, and even those rostered on other EMHA teams. This is not optional, and coaches will be suspended immediately pending a hearing if it occurs. This is a USA Hockey / MAHA rule which is not negotiable and it will be strictly enforced.


All coaches on the ice are required to wear a helmet. Guest ‘instructors’ on the ice with teams must also wear helmets. It is the head coaches responsibility to make sure this is followed. If your team has someone come to your practice to work with your team and they are on the ice, they must wear a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS. These coaches must be USA Hockey registered. Again, failure to follow this policy puts the head coach at risk for disciplinary action. Both of these are USA Hockey rules and are not negotiable.

Helpful Links

Below you will find a variety of links to help you throughout the season. If you find another site that you would like to see added here, please email us to let us know!

Roster Paperwork

The packet attached above includes paperwork that is necessary to have in your team information binder for all games and tournaments. The last page only needs to be signed by coaches. All Concussion/SafeSport paperwork needs to be witnessed by our Association SafeSport Coordinator Brian Csutoras. To have this signed, please place those pages in his mailbox in the office at the rink. Individual concussion awareness pages must be kept on file by the EMHA.

For Fall, every team will receive a roster packet for each player on their team to make the rostering and paperwork process more streamlined. 

Website Tips

click here for guides to using the new website.

8U Practice Plan Manual

Mites coaches, look here for practice development models.

10U Practice Plan Manual

Squirt coaches, look here for practice development models.

12U Practice Plan Models

PeeWee coaches, click here for practice development models.

14-18U Practice Plan Models

Bantam and Midget coaches, click here for practice development models.

Finding Tournaments

Click here to see a listing of all MAHA sanctioned tournaments.

HeadsUp Online Concussion Training

All coaches and managers must complete the online concussion training offered by the CDC. At the end of the training the certificate must be printed and stored on file with the team's paperwork and a copy must be provided to the EMHA prior to rostering.

Safe Sport Certification Registration

Each person on the roster must have a SafeSport Certificate on file. Follow the directions on this page to complete.

Student Coaches

If you'd like to invite a student coach to be rostered with your team, please look here for all the requirements.

MAHA Background Check

Every person who comes in contact with your players including head coaches, assistant coaches, managers and locker room assistants must complete and pass a background check. Up to three rostered adults per team can submit receipts and passing status background checks to the EMHA for reimbursement.

MAHA Coaching Clinic Information

All coaches must have a current CEP or coaching certification. Click on this link to find clinic availability and offerings. Up to three coaches per team can submit their receipts to EMHA for reimbursement.

MAHA Coaching Levels Explained

This link will offer an explanation for what teh various coaching levels mean.